Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Mountain view inspired Ripple blanket.

Last year I made my first ever Ripple Blanket. I love it so much not just the colours but how warm and cuddly it is.

So when I finished mine my son asked me to make him one.

He found an inspirational picture based a mountain and lake in Canada.

So based on this he picked the colours he would like.

I even got a gorgeous wicker basket to store it in while working on it.

So it took me half the time and was completed just before Christmas I completed it.

I am so pleased how it turned out, he said he will treasure it.


  1. Love your blankets and the colour combinations. Its so nice that your son picked his own colours and that he'll treasure his blanket. You never know, it might be passed down to the next generation!

    1. It is lovely I treasure making things for him.