Friday, 22 January 2016

Brambly Hedge Shawl Design

For my next design I have taken inspiration from a truly gorgeous set of illustrations called Brambly Hedge.  I specifically chosen the Autumn book as my inspiration.

The yarn I am using for this design is by Fyberspates and it is called Vivacious DK my colourway is Tweed Imps.
The design itself is a memorable and effective textured pattern that produces the warmest accessory.

It can be worn as a shawl to keep both shoulders and back warm.
Or worn as a bandana to keep your neck lovely and warm.

With the use of the eyelet stitching a shawl pin can be used as a lovely embellishment to secure the shawl in place.  This particular shawl pin is from Textile Garden.

The pattern can be purchased directly from my pattern store on Ravelry.
Please do enjoy and I look forward to seeing many Brambly Hedge Shawls.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Brioche scarf

Hot of the heels of the Ripple blanket. I made for my son I grapped the opportunity to make him a scarf when he asked for it.

So just before the festive period of Christmas we headed to our local yarn shop where he picked a lovely 100% wool and UK based yarn by Sublime yarns.  

The pattern was from Mollie Makes Issue 59 by Anne Well

Once you got into the rhythm of the Brioche stitch it was such a lovely stitch.

Here's to a new year and more productivity and knitting.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Mountain view inspired Ripple blanket.

Last year I made my first ever Ripple Blanket. I love it so much not just the colours but how warm and cuddly it is.

So when I finished mine my son asked me to make him one.

He found an inspirational picture based a mountain and lake in Canada.

So based on this he picked the colours he would like.

I even got a gorgeous wicker basket to store it in while working on it.

So it took me half the time and was completed just before Christmas I completed it.

I am so pleased how it turned out, he said he will treasure it.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Lovely morning walk.

We are very lucky to have Cleeve Hill on our doorstep.  We were up at the crack of dawn so got to appreciate the sun coming up.

The other part of photography I enjoy is close up and observing my surroundings.  

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Remberance Day

My son is in the army cadets, so each Remberance Day Service we head to town to watch with pride as he takes part in the service.

His platoon is part of the Gloucester Rifles whom many of my partners family have served with in the army.

Today's blog is a snap shot of the service today held in Cheltenham.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Release of my shawl or poncho design. "Coming Together"

When I was growing up I was very lucky as my mum took the time to teach and nurture my creative desire and taught me to knit.

I am so glad she did.  There is not a day goes by that I am not either knitting or doing some crotchet.

Last weekend my son took this lovely picture of us both crafting together. 

This year I set myself a challenge. I wanted to get back into designing.  I had the privilege of going to De Montfort University from 1994-1997 where I graduated with a BSc in Knitwear Design and Production.   It was an amazing experience, but I didn't really make the most of it upon graduation.

However my son is now growing up rapidly and I wanted to get back into my passion.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to meet two inspiring ladies who have helped build my confidence.  Jeni owner of Fyberspates has been such an amazing mentor and Maggie of Textile Garden has such faith in me and is always so encouraging.

Earlier this year I headed to Wonderwool
I do love this show as their is a great cross section of indie dyers.  One of these dyers that I do love is Triskelion Yarn.

I fell in love with the yarn. It's laceweight yarn with in a range of gorgeous colours, made from 100% Falkland Merino. It comes in 100grams with 800 metres.   I used the colourways Anvil and Maes.

My inspiration initially started from this image.

I wanted my design to mirror itself,  but I also wanted it to be delicate with the lace edging and bold with the contrast of colours. 

During the time I was starting and working on my design myself, my Mother and my son where heading off on a trip to Angelsea as my mum is from Holyhead. 

During our time here my knitting went everywhere.

On the top of Snowdonia. 

At the harbour in Holyhead.

In the cafe during a day trip out.

It was a very special trip.

On our return I finished the design and with much patients, guidance and help from Woollen Words Amelia who has tech edited the pattern for me it is now available to buy On Ravelry.

If you are an instagram user why not use our #comingtogethershawl link to share your lovely finished projects.